Warrick and Camilla Kernes take on the epic journey to Mount Kilimanjaro for the Qhubeka charity

Joburg2Kili for Qhubeka

Married couple Warrick and Camilla Kernes will take on this epic journey for the Qhubeka charity.

The #Joburg2Kili expedition will take place from the 30th July 2016 until the 17th October 2016. The objective of the expedition is to ride on Qhubeka Buffalo bicycles from Johannesburg in South Africa to Moshi in Tanzania all in an effort to raise funds for our chosen charity Qhubeka. Once we arrive in Moshi we will then join a group to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. We plan to summit Mount Kilimanjaro on our 5th wedding anniversary on the 15th October 2016.

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Around 7 Continents

De Bryun Joubert is cycling the 7 Continents. During his 5 year adventure he will cycle 85 000km on all 7 Continents passing through 70 Countries.

Follow his blog at debruynjoubert.com

Expedition 720 degrees, aims to be the first solo human powered circumnavigation of the globe from East to West and Pole to Pole. Making a difference 1 mile at a time
Expedition 720°
29 year old Angelo Wilkie-Page's mission is to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe from East to West and pole to pole,
crossing all major lines of latitude and longitude, using only human power, i.e. no motors, no sails, no solar. This journey will take a period of
6 years, and will be a first of its kind - the holy grail of human powered circumnavigation, the ultimate test of endurance and the human spirit.
Working with our chosen charity Heifer International South Africa, Expedition 720° aims to raise 1 million USD over the full length of the
expedition. This crowdfunding campaign is to help us fund the first leg of the East to West circumnavigation a 3510 Mile cycle from
Los Angeles, California to Anchorage, Alaska.

Megan and Matthew on the start of their Great American Trek from Argentina to Alaska
The Great American Trek
Megan and Matthew are two South African Medical doctors who are traveling from Argentina to Alaska in Sept 2014. The mode of transport
will be two motorcycles and the trip should take them about 12 months. They will be traveling, unsupported, through 18 very different countries
in aid of two medical charities
Follow their documentary blog here-
Blog: www.greatamericantrek.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/greatamericantrek/

Rui Nuno. Around Africa and back to Europe
Follow Rui Nuno on his solo trip as he travels from Europe, Around Africa and back to Europe again.
Travelling has always been a passion for Rui even from his younger days

Experienced riders, Jan and Anne, set off on their "long way back home" trip from Johannesburg to Frankfurt
Follow their fantastic experience here:
website: www.jotters.de
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fromjoburg2frankfurt
twitter: https://twitter.com/FromJo2Fran
youtube: Janne Schwarz

Regis and Emma met and discovered they shared the dream of taking a motorcycle adventure through South America.
They'll be making that dream a reality in 2014
Follow them on their South American Adventure here - https://www.wolfandzebra.com/

Jo Rust circumnavigates Africa

Jo Rust, fullfilling her dream to be the first woman to circumnavigate Africa Solo, follow Jo and her amazing adverture here - www.jorustadventures.com

Capetown to Dublin

Excerpt from scooteraddicts.co.za:

The massive Scooter riding expedition that starts at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa in February 2013 - The route takes us up the length of Africa, then through the Middle East and right across Europe - visiting 14 different Children's Hospitals in total - Ultimately finishing at Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland - an 8 month journey. The trip is been completed to assist with the raising of funds and awareness for the wonderful work done by these amazing life saving organizations - Lets please help them wherever we can...

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an african motorcyle adventure

Rule # 1 : Have fun
Rule # 2: Use the gear you make.
Michnus and Elsebie of ATGear on their African Adventure from East London to Germany, Putting their own product through the paces.
This tour was the inspiration for many new products stll to come from ATG.

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Excerpt from cairo2cape.co.za:
"It was back in 2010 when Robbie and some of his friends started to talk about a trans Africa trip...It was one of those long braai's (barbeque) where sufficient wine was consumed, allowing the traveling juices to start flowing and the more we talked about the trip in principle, the more one actually realised that it is possible!"

"The first guys on board were ATG who sponsored us with 100% waterproof bike designed 50l bags and the, to be famous Ribbz stretcher.
If you have not seen this stretcher yet, and you into camping light weight, then get hold of ATG!"

Follow these ambassadors of ATG traversing Africa.