Alpine Surfsafe

Alpine Hearing Protection has designed the SurfSafe earplugs for watersports.


SurfSafe helps protect watersport enthusiasts' ears against wind, water and surfer's ear. The specially designed plugs allow the sound in but keep the water and wind out. This helps with balance and communication and helps inhibit surfer's ear and infections.

Alpine Hearing Protection is a Dutch company which is a leader in hearing protection. The ear plugs are made from a soft, flexible material called AlpineThermoShape (ATS). This material takes the shape of the ear canal once warm and contains no silicone and therefore will not irritate sensitive skin types. A specially designed filter allows sound in but keeps the water and wind out.

The SurfSafe set includes the plugs and filters, an elastic cord to keep you from losing the plugs, a neoprene case with carabiner and a 5ml cleaner spray.