Backpack 13l

Protect you valuables by using the range of lighweight IP66 rolltop bags, supplied in various sizes and colours. The backpack range is simple yet effective. 

R550.00tax incl.

All Terrain Gear offers a variety of rolltop bags. These are great for protecting valuables from the elements. The bigger volume bags can be used to put non-water resistant bags into as added protection.


  • Water adventure sports: canoeing, kayaking, yatching, rafting, surfing, parasailing, sailing, windsurfing.
  • Offroad adventure sports: cycling, hiking, 4x4 adventures, motorcycle tours, horseriding, cave and mountain climbing.
  • Keep valuables dry or insulate wet clothing and equipment
  • Apart from the superb outdoor capabilities of these robust and weatherproof bags. They also make great travel and business bags. Protect your valuables, cameras, notebooks, phones and important business documents


  • 500 D PVC: The bags are made using strong and durable PVC material.
  • The seams are welded.
  • Bright colours.
  • Roll top is 100% dust-proof and waterproof backpack IP66 (refer to IP International ratings).
  • Floats when dropped in water, can handle splaches of water.
  • Roll top and clip closed.
  • Padded shoulder pads.
  • Mobile and water bottle pouches.


VOLUME: 13 litres
DIMENSIONS: H 43cm x W 22cm x D 13cm
WEIGHT: 500 grams

Note: All outdoor products age and wear with tough use. Treat your gear with care!


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